Benefits of Anaplan and Adaptive Insights

How to enhance the performance of SaaS services

by Mike Jones 29/01/2020

Software-as-a-Service has created a number of opportunities, replacing conventional systems with cloud-based services, enhancing the overall user experience. Across an entire business spectrum, all departments are […]

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Maximising your business potential with real time data analytics

Rise of Real-time planning for 2020

by Mike Jones 22/01/2020

Leading connected planning business Anaplan recently wrote a piece for Forbes on the focus for this year. Looking back at 2019, there were a number of […]

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Big Data Analytics Jobs

Emerging AI trends to consider in 2020

by Mike Jones 15/01/2020

AI has expanded in recent years and become widely accepted in businesses today. Implementing new AI tools enables businesses to remain efficient and gain a competitive […]

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