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We search and select the talent that manages and develops the technology to make the data industry continue to thrive. Codex offers a range of big data analytics jobs nationwide. Our specialist data analytics team recruit for positions ranging from data engineers who create and develop data platforms through to data managers and data visualisation professionals. Our team have a strong knowledge of the expertise, technology, the systems and people required within each specific job role. Data and analytics recruitment is an essential part of Codex and we continue to research and analyse the market to ensure we maintain an in-depth and through understanding of the market and new developments.

What is Data Analytics?

The data analytics industry is one of the fastest growing sectors within the UK, but what pathways should individuals look for to enter the market?

At present, there is a growing demand for analytics professionals. Businesses now understand how important it is to have a team that includes skilled professionals that are capable of measuring and effectively analysing data. Data from leading job board Indeed indicates that the growth of job opportunities in data analytics has grown considerably over the last five years.

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Senior/Chief Data Officer

Chief data officers (CDOs) have grown in popularity across many businesses. Data research from leading company Gartner forecast that over 90% of the biggest companies in the UK will have a chief data officer in their team by 2020. CDOs are primarily accountable for managing the overall data system for a business and developing a framework as well as overall support for individuals to ensure they utilise their available data properly.

Data Analysts

Data analysts are probably the most common job title within this specific market and research suggests it is likely to become an even more critical position across many other industries within the next few years. Technology professional emphasises that the analytical skills provided by data analysts will become even more essential for businesses in the future.

Data Engineers/Big Data Architects

Data engineers develop and construct the database systems for businesses. There is a rising number of Big Data Analytics Jobs and opportunities available with data architecture. They tend to work as part of a team to investigate what data is available and to develop a model for testing and managing the overall database. According to Linkedin, data architects and engineers are two of the five most promising technology jobs in the last year. Key skills required within this field include data warehousing, modelling and business intelligence.

CRM Analysts

Analytics, Internet Of Things (IoT) technology has resulted in a considerable surge of new data, which has resulted in more companies using data to facilitate further growth plans. Businesses are being encouraged to integrate more data into their plans to generate more efficient and effective strategies.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are regarded as ‘the brains’ of the digital world and as data spread across businesses, the demand for skilled data scientists is growing. A data scientist will select and solve complicated challenges within a business by utilising data analytic strategies and statistical programs. The analysis developed by a data scientist is vital in business decisions and ensures companies can continue to thrive in an environment where business is becoming more complex.

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