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IBM Planning Analytics is a dedicated planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis platform available for businesses on-premise on via the cloud. Derived from the IBM technology Cognos TM1, it enables companies to automate manual spreadsheet focused processes and connect financial and operational plans together.

IBM Planning Analytics consists of a range of custom features that can be made available to a range of businesses and cost centre owners. The platform also includes a Microsoft Excel interface.

IBM Planning Analytics enables a range of useful practices including driver-based planning and rolling forecasts. Customers can focus on technical calculations to measure product and customer profitability, sales and price fluctuations.

IBM Planning Analytics allows users to understand new insights automatically based on their data and enable strategic decision using the predictive capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics. The systems also include scorecards and dashboards to measure KPIs and present business results via a range of different visual content

Why IBM Planning Analytics

A business needs a completely integrated planning solution that is capable of more than just a plan. Driven by IBM TM1, IBM Planning Analytics provides a powerful calculation system, offering deep insights and automated options for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

The systems can be integrated effectively across finance, sales, operations, IT and other sectors to create a single source of information. The key features of IBM Planning Analytics include:

Microsoft Excel System enabling simple adoption
Multi-model providing more insights
Simple self-service visualisation tools
Options to deploy the system on-premise or on cloud

IBM Planning Analytics Overview

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