Introducing Board International

Introducing BOARD International

Board International offers a leading decision-making software platform and is a market leader for comprehensive Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Predictive Analytics.

Board International is committed to enhancing the decision making the process for its customers by providing the latest, most cost-effective and simplistic software available to enable a positive impact on overall business performance.

Core Values of BOARD International

Speed: Each component of BOARD has been created in a way to ensure maximum speed of development and the highest level of performance.

Simplicity: A self-service environment that allows users to simply search for new information, interact with their data and perform detailed analysis in a simple process.

User Self-Sufficiency: With no programming involved, businesses users can quickly develop and manage detailed analysis and planning tools with little IT support.

All in One: BOARD provides the only software platform that combines Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Analytics and Data Discovery within one individual product.

TCO: The BOARD toolkit provides unmatched services in application development, customisation and maintenance, providing a ‘Total Cost of Ownership’, a service that is unavailable with traditional options.


BOARD: The Future of Decision Making

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