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Introducing CCH Tagetik

Tagetik was first founded in 1986 as a local consultancy in Italy. As the business expanded, the founders focused on enhancing the business processes for CFOs, on a global scale. In 2005 Tagetik was launched and quickly gained a reputation for generating the most trusted, detailed and scalable corporate performance management services available. In 2017, Tagetik was acquired by Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in information and software services for finance, legal, tax and healthcare professionals. Tagetik, now regarded as CCH Tagetik continues to deliver innovative solutions for CFOs. Wolters Kluwer creates essential insights and offers intelligent projects, along with the support of industry experts to allow effective and efficient results. The business is dedicated to enhancing the level of software, knowledge, tools and education.

Finance Focus

CCH Tagetik is currently used by approximately 75,000 users across 35 countries worldwide. As CFOs continue to expand their roles and demands increase, CCH Tagetik is determined to provide leading corporate performance management services. The Financial Performance Platform delivers automation for complex business processes that affect business decisions and financial outcome.

Results at CCH Tagetik

Enhanced insights, better decision making, efficient services, CCH Tagetik software enables people to work more effectively, smarter and with added confidence and lower risk. CCH Tagetik products ensures professionals spend less time on standard, repetitive activities and instead focus their time on creating, advising and delivering on core parts of their business strategy that ultimately impact financial outcomes.

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Introducing Tagetik Performance Management Software Solution

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