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Compared to other solutions that tend to take one of two approaches to corporate performance management, Vena integrates the best of both sides in a complete solution.

Vena doesn’t make you decide between fixed packaged systems and a difficult spreadsheet option to manage your finance and accounting business processes. Vena takes an innovative approach towards FP&A, integrating your Excel spreadsheets, templates and other models into a single database controlled by an efficient workflow system. This solution enables users to continue benefiting from the flexibility and power of Excel, whilst at the same time ensuring all data is secure, available and completely up to date.

Vena Solutions was developed to enable businesses to work smarter. The system uses a simple approach to streamline complex business activities. Vena Solutions has transformed Excel into a significant business and finance solution.

Vena system automates:

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
Management Reporting & Analysis
Financial Close Management
Operational Planning
Regulatory Reporting & Data Collection
Any spreadsheet-intensive business process

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